Gerard’s Testimony

Hi, I’m Gerard, I’m 51 years old. I entered Cenacolo when the house was just opened in Knock. I was completely broken, in mind, body and spirit. This was my last hope, I was a complete wreck, but thanks to Cenacolo Community I’m completely free of alcohol and drugs.

I grew up in Northern Ireland in a loving family. At an early stage in life I was shy, then as I got older I started hanging around with lads who smoked cigarettes and drank – I thought this was fantastic. As the years went on my drinking got worse, I was beaten many times, in trouble with the police. I was so depressed, many times I felt like taking my own life and self-harming was a release. In the end I went on the streets, stealing anything to feed my out-of-control addiction and I ended up in prison – this was the wake-up call.
After prison I went to England to start a new life … it took a few years. In 1999 I went to Medjugorje, where I had my first experience of Cenacolo. I thought ‘Wow – this is where I need to go!’. So, in late 2000 I entered the house in Knock and my life was completely transformed. Community Cenacolo changed my life and today I live in freedom from addiction. 

Thank you, Madre Elvira, for your ‘yes’ to God.