Candidate Assessment

In order to be accepted into the Community, men and women must attend the weekly assessment to prepare them for entering Cenacolo.

There are four separate gatherings, i.e. for men, women, family members and a prayer group where people come to pray for their sons, daughters or family members that are either in Community or have been in Community. Hence, family members meet with other people in the same situation as themselves.

They are run by people who have already been through the programme, assisted by the Directors.

Cenacolo encourages family members to come along to the meeting as it is important to give those entering the Community support. It is also important for the families to learn about the Community.

Young men will initially carry out working days at the house in Knock before being accepted into the Community. There is not a house for women in Ireland at present but women who attend the meetings are accepted into one of the Cenacolo houses in Europe.